A Trump supporter cited Japanese internment camps as a “precedent” for registering Muslims. But what were the camps? Why did the U.S. intern its own citizens?

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The 2016 presidential election polls show that Donald Trump lost in four key swing states. Did Hillary Clinton win the election after all? Here are the facts.

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Fake news stories flooded Facebook an other online outlets this election year. Did Facebook help elect Donald Trump, by spreading false information?

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Steve Bannon, the “chief strategist” in the incoming Donald Trump administration, referred to women as “dykes” in a radio interview. Listen to the audio.

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A Texas electoral college voter wrote back to a voter who asked him to change his vote to Hillary Clinton. He didn’t have much nice to say. Read his letter here.

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With the 2016 Presidential Election now nearly a week in the past, can Hillary Clinton still win? Many supporters are looking for a way to stop Donald Trump.

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As Iraqi troops fight ISIS deep inside Mosul, shocking raw video shows Iraqi fighters dragging bodies of slain terrorists through the city’s streets.

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If Donald Trump faced criminal charges, would he, as president, have the power to grant himself a pardon? Here’s what the Constitution says.

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When Donald Trump becomes president, can he start a nuclear war? He will control thousands of nuclear weapons. What will he do with them?

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The new VoteCastr system published vote total results estimated throughout election day. How wrong were the numbers that they compiled, and why?

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Early estimated results are coming in from the exit polling service VoteCastr, and they show Hillary Clinton leading in two states.

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Nevada early voting results appear to favor Hillary Clinton due to high Latino voter turnout. But is there a way Donald Trump can still win the crucial state?

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In a final batch of 2016 presidential polls, Emerson College sees an Electoral College landslide for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who will win the White House.

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The final NBC News/Wall Street Journal presidential poll shows that Hillary Clinton holds a lead among women voters that could give her the presidency.

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Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump by nearly nine percentage points in early voting results after almost 40 million Americans have cast their ballots.

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