Epic Guitar Fail

You see videos where someone gets nailed by a ball, bicycle or guitar and you wonder if it really was an accident. Maybe people are just getting even.

Highway To The Danger Zone

Russia is a huge country, spanning 11 time zones, and all that wilderness really packs a punch. Watch Russian police and their close encounter with a pack of wolves.

Not To Oakland!

What’s more shameful: the Chargers dropping a game to Oakland or this kid’s reaction?

60 Ways To Die

The cartoons we grew up on were violent, but they have nothing on this clip. Sorta feel sorry for these stick figures. They really never had a chance.

Pants Off Dance Off

Celebrations following a goal are common in sports, but you rarely see someone pants themselves. Here’s Mirko Vucinic doing his “pants off dance off” in Montenegro vs. Swizterland 2010.

This Robot Is Much Cooler Than a Roomba

Scientists say that Artificial Intelligence is a way’s off, but I’d wager that 99.9% of people can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube. This robot does it in 18 seconds flat and has a bad ass Battlestar Galatica voice to boot.

Drunk Russian Garbagemen

Russians are known for both heavy drinking and high tolerances. Oddly, their garbagemen can’t seem to hold their liquor, or a trash can for that matter.