Black Lips “Raw Meat”

Black Lips’ new single from this year’s Arabia Mountain features the Lips as a group of corrupt cops.

The Sandwitches “In The Garden”

Renaissance Man “Stalker Humanoid”

Hudson “Against The Grain”

Dirty: One Word Can Change The World

The History of Apple Pie “Mallory”

What starts off a jam session quickly turns into an epic food fight for The History Of Apple Pie. The London noise rockers are friends of Yuck – no surprise there.

Born Gold “Lawn Knives”

Pictureplane “Black Nails”

Moon Duo “Horror Tour”

Sepalcure “Pencil Pimp”


Looks like South African weirdo rappers Die Antwoord have parted company with label Interscope after being nudged in the direction of mainstream music for their new album. TEN$ION will now be released on their new label, ZEF RECORDZ. Here’s the first video. NSFW, of course.

New School Moves

Immortals Stills Gallery

The Dungeon Masters

The Adventures of Tin Tin Movie Stills


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 Lineup


Gorilla vs. Bear: Halloween 2011

CMJ 2011: Vanaprasta / Evan Voytas / Hard Mix

CMJ Saturday: Closing out a hectic week we got in to see Vanaprasta’s private show on the roof of the Gretch Building, then over to Glasslands Gallery to see Evan Voytas and Hard Mix.

CMJ 2011: Blue Hawaii / Pepper Rabbit / Beat Connection / Teen Daze

New On Netflix: Ginger Snaps Back

Explosions In The Sky Poster Process

CMJ 2011: Hoop Dreams / Dustin Wong / Woodsman

CMJ 2011: Pressed And / Noah Wall / Megafortress / Gem Club / RXRY

CMJ Wednesday night: Heavy went to Stadiums and Shrines’ showcase at The End featuring Pressed And, Noah Wall, Megafortress, Gem Club and RXRY.

CMJ 2011: Family Portrait / Headless Horseman / Wise Blood

New On Netflix: The Last Exorcism

Super High Me

What’s New In Music This Week

The Human Centipede 2 Movie Poster

The film writhes into theaters on Friday. Are you excited?