Black Lips “Raw Meat”

Black Lips’ new single from this year’s Arabia Mountain features the Lips as a group of corrupt cops.

The History of Apple Pie “Mallory”

What starts off a jam session quickly turns into an epic food fight for The History Of Apple Pie. The London noise rockers are friends of Yuck – no surprise there.


Looks like South African weirdo rappers Die Antwoord have parted company with label Interscope after being nudged in the direction of mainstream music for their new album. TEN$ION will now be released on their new label, ZEF RECORDZ. Here’s the first video. NSFW, of course.

CMJ 2011: Vanaprasta / Evan Voytas / Hard Mix

CMJ Saturday: Closing out a hectic week we got in to see Vanaprasta’s private show on the roof of the Gretch Building, then over to Glasslands Gallery to see Evan Voytas and Hard Mix.