The Mega Bacon Whopper

A guy goes into a Burger King in Japan and just for the hell of it, orders a Whopper with exactly 1,050 strips of bacon. And they made it for him, for a price of around $80. They weren’t kidding about having it your way. May he rest in peace.

What is Tricking?

Tricking is a “sport” that combines flips, kicks and twists. Think of it as gymnastics minus the leotards, plus a bit of capoeira. Still confused? Brandon MCcuien is here to help you get a better idea of the sport.

The Deus Customs American

Deus Customs started with the Harley-Davidson Sportster and C&J Low Boy frame – the winning-most, mile-dirt-track chassis ever built – with the goal of converting it into a street legal café racer, using as many American parts as possible.

Slow Motion Stupidity

There’s nothing like watching fireworks tear something apart at 2500 fps. Danish show Dumt & Farligt performs all sorts of destructive and explosive experiments on household items. It’s like Mythbusters for idiots.

The 1960 Hover Scooter

The 60s were a wonderful time of tweed jackets and hover crafts. But say a hover craft was too much for you, what do you do? Enter the personal hover scooter.

The 20 Hottest Photos of Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst is our favorite Dutch supermodel. Narrowing it down to just 20 of the Victoria’s Secret model’s hottest photos wasn’t easy, but we did it for you.