Jaguar’s Project C-X75, The Future of Supercars

Another plug-in hybrid supercar? That’s right. Jaguar has an answer for the BMW i8 Spyder in the form of the C-X75. It’s a two-seat, concept car that produces an astounding 778 horsepower through four electric motors, each of which drives one of the four wheels, capable of doing 205 mph and 0-60 MPH in 3.4 seconds.

Guns Supercut

Hollywood loves guns, and for good reason: they are awesome. Take plenty of hardware filled movie scenes, throw in some extra Robocop, a sick beat and Bruce Lee, Vanilla Ice and 50 Cent providing vocals and you have a remix giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

The American Eagle Flies Again

Louis “Rocket” Re is a fan of Evel Knievel. We all are, but Louis is a big fan. As a homage to Knievel, Rocket performs jumps on a bone-stock 1970 American Eagle Laverda 750 – the same bike Knievel was jumping in the 70s.

Where Do Beards Come From?

Beards are awesome, there’s no arguing that. But where do they come from and how do they radiate their mystical manliness? It’s time to learn something that matters.

An Invocation for Beginnings

YouTube legend, TED Talker, Tweeter and all around internet phenom Ze Frank is back with a new show appropriately titled “a show”. In this first episode he implores us to get up and do something, to not punish ourselves for our failures and to not pat ourselves too hard on the back for our success.

The Australian Burnout King

When the smoke cleared at Summernats – Austalia’s annual festival of horsepower and tire smoke – there stood a clear winner. Warren Eustace in his 1974 Holden HQ sedan demonstrated the proper way to dispose of tires to the delight of both the crowd and us.

Skateboarding Under Moonlight

Red Bull Moon Sessions will select and illuminate iconic skate spots in Southern California and allow the best of local pros to session under the light of the moon. The first spot they hit up was Oceanview High School in Huntington Beach, inviting the Sk8Mafia Teams along with a dozen other local skateboarding pro’s out to shred the night.

What You Missed at the Hippy Killer Hoedown

There are a ton of amazing events happening all the time now that spring is here. Unfortunately we can’t make it to all of them. The Hippy Killer Hoedown was one we had to miss, but it looked like an amazing time, packed with amazing vintage hot rods and wild custom motorcycles. Also, they had a van with a mustache.