camp x ray railer

Kristen Stewart stars at a Guantanamo prison guard in the new movie ‘Camp X-Ray.’ Watch the new trailer here.

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The United States is now bombing the Islamic State in Northern and Western Iraq as they defend Yazidis and the Kurdish region.

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yazidis in iraq

Who are the Yazidis? The US is considering sending assistance to a religious minority trapped in the mountains by the Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIS.

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mosul dam

Islamic State (formerly ISIS) militants have captured Iraq’s largest dam, which could flood a giant region and threaten 500,000 lives.

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Hipster jihadi islam yaken

Islam Yaken, also being called the “hipster jihadi,” is a 23-year-old Egyptian currently fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq.

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Remains Of Two-Star General Killed In Afghanistan Returned To US

General Harold Greene was killed in an attack in Afghanistan. Here are the pictures of his body returning home.

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noah ritter

Noah Ritter, or the “Apparently” Kid, flew to viral stardom when he was interviewed at a Pennsylvania county fair.

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The patient kept in isolation at Mount Sinai hospital in New York has tested negative for Ebola.

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ukraine rocket strike gif

A car near Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine narrowly avoided being hit by a rocket. Watch the raw video here.

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