Street Fighter X Tekken Falls Short

Fans of both Street Fighter and Tekken were initially hyped about the meeting of the two forces in Street Fighter X Tekken, but sadly Capcom has brought nothing new to the party.

What’s New In Games: Kid Icarus, Ninja Gaiden 3

Time to dust off that 3DS for a Nintendo flashback. And if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to kill that punk Leon S. Kennedy, now’s your chance. Plus, some ninja action to round out this week’s new releases.

This Week In Gaming News

Microsoft kills any rumors about a new Xbox this year, Mass Effect 3 continues to piss people off, and Double Fine racks up some big cash with Kickstarter. That and more this week in the world of gaming news.

This Week In Gaming News

New iPad, Mass Effect 3 problems, Angry Birds and NASA, it has definitely been an interesting week in the arena of gaming news.

What’s New In Games This Week

It might be a light week, but with the conclusion of a space odyssey and two very different groups of classic fighters going toe-to-toe, it definitely packs a punch.

Asura’s Wrath Game Review

What Asura’s Wrath lacks in in tight controls, it makes up for with some serious action that’s sure to provide a few solid hours of fun.

Dr. Zoidberg vs. Spider-Man in Skyrim

What does Futurama have in common with the web slinger? Nothing as far as we can tell, but that doesn’t stop people from putting them into a Skyrim mod. Which transplanted personality will reign supreme?

What’s New In Games This Week

We’ve got a fresh crop of new games for you this week. Everything from winter action sports and demon hiring, to a little robot hunting just to keep things interesting.