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Twitter’s New App, Vine, is Covered in Porn

Every time a new way is invented for human to express themselves, people will find a way to cover it in boobs and dicks. Welcome to the club, Vine.

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LeBron James mauls this man with a mighty bear hug as a righteous reward for his amazing feat and half-court shot prowess.

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Kansas Speaker of the House Asks GOP to Pray for Obama’s Death

You know how sometimes the Republicans like to complain that Obama is mean? Well, they pray for his death … so …. yea … secret service, you’re needed in Kansas.

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Steve Novak Expertly Clowns Nate ‘Little Nathan’ Robinson

The Bulls may have won the game, but the Knicks won where it really counts: The post-game interviews.

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Bill Cosby still has it. I’d love to see him have his own show with The Roots. Just them playing cool music and him not understanding. It’ll be great.

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Justin Bieber smokes weed! Squeaky Clean no more! See the photos inside!