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WATCH: Chris Rock: ‘Vote for Obama Because he’s White’

Chris Rock has a message for white people: Want to vote for the whitest candidate in the election? Vote for President Obama.

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The Anarchy of Post-Sandy Queens: Guns, Booby Traps, Bows & Arrows

Queens is turning into a real-life version of The Warriors. Unfortunately, instead of being awesome it’s just terrible. These people need help.

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Marco Rubio’s 12-Year-Old Daughter in Car Accident

NASA Building Deep-Space Habitat: We’re Moving to Space, Bitches!

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The Science Behind Frankenstorm

Get ready to mock your friends for their lack of knowledge on the matter, because you’ll actually understand what’s happening when the storm hits.

Mikhail Prokhorov, Brooklyn Nets Owner, Quits Business, Enters Politics

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Will Frankenstorm Be Worse Than Hurricane Irene?

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Iran Agrees to Nuclear Talks With the US: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

VIDEO: Phoenix Subway Ninja Breaks Up Fight

Chevy Chase Yells N-Word During Rant on the Set of Community

Chevy Chase plays a racist character on the TeeVee. He’s not racist in real life, just a tremendous dick.

Joe Biden is a Boss

Kate Gosselin Offered Nude TV Gig

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Microsoft Surface Has Sold Out US Pre-Orders

Greg Smith’s Goldman Sachs Tell All: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

A look inside the great vampire squid that is Goldman Sachs. It’s a little disappointing, but still terrible and kind of silly and hilarious. Plus nudity.

Romnesia: New Obama Attack Goes Viral

Elephant Attack at Australian Zoo!

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Ghanaian King’s Luggage & Jewels Stolen at Norwegian Hotel

WATCH: Nationals Fan on Live TV: ‘That S**t Was Bulls**t’

One brave Nationals fan dared to say what the rest of them were thinking. That man is a hero.