LaVoy Finicum was the foster parent to troubled boys at his ranch in Arizona. He did so along with his loving wife, Jeanette.

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An Arizona rancher who said he’d rather die than be captured has been shot dead as the militia standoff near Burns, Oregon, comes to a head.

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A 23-year-old Milwaukee man is accused of plotting a mass shooting at Masonic temple in Wisconsin.

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One of the stars of the original Godfather has died at the age of 94.

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One of the most important astronomers in modern times is celebrated by Google in their January 27 doodle.

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The Naval Medical Center in San Diego is on lockdown after reports of an active shooter in the facility.

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Not only did he invent the mechanical television but John Logie Baird invented color TV and was the first man to achieve a transatlantic broadcast.

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It’s been 90 years since John Logie Baird first transmitted an image via television. That fact is being celebrated by Google in their January 26 Google Doodle.

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An anesthesiologist from Atlanta was raped and murder just hours after arriving at a five-star resort in the Caribbean.

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A Michigan teenager who never had a proper piano lesson has become a viral sensation after a video emerged of his beautiful playing style.

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A Pregnant teenager was due to give birth on February 4. On January 23, she died while shoveling snow in Pennsylvania.

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A pregnant Pennsylvania teenager and her unborn baby were two of of the 31 people killed by Winter Storm Jonas.

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Is this the model and actress who might have stolen Tyga’s heart from Kylie?

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There’s been a shooting at Dene High School in La Louche in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is no word on injuries.

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Despite telling the world that he’s still with Kylie Jenner, Tyga is being seen more-and-more with this aspiring model and singer.

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