A group of Real Madrid fans in Iraq who met regularly to drink coffee and watch games were massacred at their club house by ISIS thugs.

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A 20-year-old basketball center at the University of Dayton collapsed and died at his family’s home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Did you think it would ever happen? Well, it’s here, the first new Stone Roses’ song this millennium.

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WWE star Adam Rose has been arrested in Florida after he was accused of grabbing his wife by the face during an argument.

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The founder of Elle magazine was known to have battled depression for many years.

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Carlie Trent, who had been missing along with her uncle, Gary Simpson, since May 4, was found safe on May 12, in Tennessee, authorities say.

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Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney confirmed in an interview that his team’s bus had been smashed up by West Ham hooligans.

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Kick-off for the final game at Upton Park was delayed by 45 minutes after West Ham hooligans smashed Manchester United’s team bus.

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This Vegas model and actress said in an explosive interview that she had a 10-month affair with a Fox News reporter.

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A married Fox News reporter has been yanked off the air after a Las Vegas hostess revealed their steamy 10-month affair.

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These are the faces of those killed in Green Cover Springs on May 3.

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A crazed gunman caused panic in a small Florida town after he shot his ex-wife, girlfriend, and her father dead.

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Donald Trump today piggybacked on a tabloid report that tied rival Ted Cruz’s dad to the assassination of JFK.

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Just six weeks before her death, 2Pac’s mother filed for divorce from her pastor husband of 12 years.

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The mother of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur has passed away at the age of 69.

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