Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter, Chelsea, was found safe, hours after her mother said she was missing after running away from home in Nyack, New York.

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Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has become the first trans-person to work at the White House. Another great leap forward.

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Vivian Chan has been named as one of the victims of Erawan Shrine bombing in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s a student in London. So far 21 people have been killed.

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A sheriff’s deputy was involved in a shooting at a juvenile center in Wisconsin.

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Around 18 people, including tourists, have been killed after a motorcycle bomb exploded at a Hindu shrine in Bangkok.

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Nearly 30 people are dead in Thailand’s capital. Who perpetrated this atrocity?

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A Bloods gang Godfather who had just written “Today I Die” on Facebook was killed by the NYPD after he tried to burn down his house rather than let cops arrest him.

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An undocumented immigrant is accused of murdering his aunt, her pregnant daughter, and her boyfriend, in Florida.

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Two years after 15-year-old Polish immigrant Bart Palosz committed suicide due to bullying in the wealthy town of Greenwich, Connecticut, his family are suing the town for justice.

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“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter, 17, has had breast reduction surgery after she received neck and back pain thanks to her 32F Cups.

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The Port of Tianjin in China is still smoking after two massive explosions rocked the city. Nearly 50 people have been confirmed as dead with nearly 600 people injured.

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Former President Jimmy Carter has revealed following his liver surgery that he’s suffering from cancer.

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Terault is accused of shooting dead a 71-year-old man before going on a shooting spree in a small Washington town.

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A new video has emerged of what’s thought to be the world’s largest shark showing her teeth and brushing up against a diver.

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Croatian citizen Tomislav Salopek was executed by ISIS, according to photos published by the group on social media.

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