The 18-year-old freshman who was killed on campus at the University of Texas has been named as Portland native Haruka Weiser.

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A theater and dance major at the University of Texas was found dead on campus in mysterious circumstances on April 5.

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The man who was dubbed “the Godfather of world music” by George Harrison is celebrated in the April 7 Google Doodle.

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The daughter of the greatest rapper of all time threw some serious shade at Diddy after he failed to invite her to her own father’s birthday party.

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Biggie Smalls’ daughter called out her late father’s best friend, Diddy, for not inviting her to a celebration concert in Brooklyn on May 20. She later apologized.

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On April 6, Google says happy birthday to the first modern Olympic Games.

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Florida State Senator David Simmons’ daughter was involved in a drunken boat crash on the night of April 5.

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The surfer daughter of a Florida Republican politician was severely injured after a drunken boat crash early on the morning of April 5, according to cops.

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On April 6, the modern Olympic Games will celebrate its 120 birthday. The first iteration of one of the biggest events in sports took place in Athens, Greece, back in 1896.

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A 21-year-old single mother committed suicide just a month after having an abortion following a split with the baby’s father.

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Hamburger Helper just dropped the mic on corporate April Fool’s Day pranks.

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Celebrate the life of one of Indian TV’s brightest stars here.

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Indian TV star Pratyusha Banerjee died on April 1 after tragically taking her own life. She was 24 years old.

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A vice president in Donald Trump’s organization is accused of slamming a mother-of-two to the ground during an alleged Easter Sunday attack in Brooklyn.

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It’s goodnight from him.

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