Cops in Philadelphia believe that the two people shot dead inside of a car while they were having sex were killed by somebody they knew in a “crime of passion.”

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The wife of Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes is accusing her husband of grabbing her by the throat and throwing her into a glass door.

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The Fairlane Town Center mall in Michigan has been locked down after a shooting inside the building.

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A 28-year-old police captain killed two Americans as well as three others at a training facility in the Middle East.

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Disney lied to us, they said they were done with trailers, here’s the best bits from the Japanese Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

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The main suspect in the shooting death of Officer Daniel Ellis is a God-fearing convicted meth dealer who was out on parole.

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A new Star Wars international trailer has dropped, and it has tons of previously unseen footage.

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Rachael Kimack is Tyler Eifert’s girlfriend. She’s a graduate of Purdue and is a native of Indiana.

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The breakout star of the Cincinnati Bengals 2015 season is tight end Tyler Eifert. Not only is he storming passed defenses across the NFL, the Notre Dame graduate is dating medical professional Rachael Kimack, a graduate of the Irish’s hated rivals, Purdue University.

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An 18-year-old freshman “had a smile on his face” as he stabbed four people at a University of California campus in Merced.

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DJ Gliniewicz followed his father into the U.S. Army, but did he also follow him down a path of corruption?

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Police in Illinois are investigating if Lt. Charles Gliniewicz’s wife played any role in his money laundering scheme.

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The wife and son are under investigation in the death and corruption of Lieutenant Charles “Joe” Gliniewicz.

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A meth dealer who didn’t want to go back to prison has been accused of shooting a Kentucky cop and leaving him with life threatening injuries.

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Her husband is reportedly the star of a sex tape that’s made him the target of a group of blackmailers. It’s unclear who the female star of the video is.

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