Amanda Peterson, star of 1980s movie “Can’t Buy Me Love,” has died. She played Cindy Mancini in the film.

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A tragic end to a truly promising life.

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Sergey Pivovarnik is the Parma High School junior who was killed after drowning in a lake on State Road in Parma, Ohio, on the morning of July 6.

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How will the world’s No.1 respond to this latest set back?

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Eiji Tsuburaya was one of the creators of Godzilla, had sake made in his honor and even converted to Catholicism for his wife. And that’s not even half of the story.

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The theme for the 18th annual event in Austria was “Fetish Couture.” Enjoy.

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The 35-year-old suspect in the ISIS beheading in the French city of Grenoble has been named.

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Authorities in Tunisia say that 28 people have been killed after a terror attack in one of the nation’s most popular tourist resorts.

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Rick Ross was arrested along with his bodyguard after a construction worker told police he was pistol whipped by the duo.

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Former New York Mets star Darryl Hamilton was found dead alongside his girlfriend in what cops are initially calling a murder-suicide.

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A 19-year-old from North Carolina planned to buy an AR-15 at a gun show and begin a guerrilla war in support of ISIS. He wanted to kill his parents and 1,000 more Americans.

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Trepierre Hummons wrote a goodbye message on Facebook before being shot dead on the streets of Cincinnati.

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Hummons wrote a goodbye message on Facebook shortly before being shot dead in Cincinnati.

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A 27-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department was gunned down in a shootout on the morning of June 19.

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South Carolina’s governor has made it clear that she wants the suspect in the Emanuel AME Church shooting to die.

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