Movies have us believe all kinds of things, in Ride Along 2, we’re supposed to believe that Tika Sumpter is married to Kevin Hart!

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A Texas teenager was arrested after he was accused of killing two endangered whooping cranes.

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Celine Dion’s husband lost his two decade long battle with cancer on January 14.

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Celine Dion’s husband of 21 years lost his battle with cancer on January 14.

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The family of Taneesha Brown are worried about her safety after she vanished on January 12 while not being dressed for the inclement weather.

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A Muslim woman is missing in Toronto after telling family members that she was going out for some fresh air and never returned.

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There are six movies that feature the great man streaming on Netflix right now.

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This is the American socialite who was tragically killed in Florence after a night of partying.

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The boyfriend of slain American socialite Ashley Olsen has vowed to find her killer while police in Italy have said they’re not ruling out any suspects.

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The producers of British reality show Celebrity Big Brother are coming in for criticism after they broadcast footage of Angie Bowie learning about her late husband.

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The man who invented the modern fairytale has been chosen by Google to be celebrated in the January 12 doodle. French author Charles Perrault features in a Sleeping Beauty doodle on what would have been 388 birthday.

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A British student in Thailand is in desperate need of negative blood after a moped accident in which she broke her pelvis.

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Dozens of people have been lining up outside of a Thai hospital in an attempt to donate blood after a British student was injured while riding on a moped

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Forty-one years ago today, scientists made a breathtaking discovery high in the mountains of Mexico.

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Viewer discretion advised. This is the shocking moment when Officer Jesse Hartnett of the Philadelphia Police Department was shot at 13 times.

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