A frat boy in North Carolina stands accused of injuring the spine of a non-member over a spilled beer.

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A 19-year-old college student told Jeb Bush that “your brother created ISIS” at an event in Florida.

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A joint investigation by the Knoxville police and the FBI’s Cyber Crimes division is underway at the home of the CEO of one of America’s biggest lighting companies.

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Everybody knows Harry Shearer does the voices of Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns, here’s the ones you didn’t know.

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Justin Zemser was killed when Amtrak 188 derailed in Port Richmond. He was a star on the football field and at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

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A Naval Academy football star was on his way home to New York on leave when he was killed in the Amtrak Port Richmond train derailment.

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A high-flying New York tech CEO is among the missing people after the Amtrak 188 derailment in Port Richmond.

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As Craig Sager faces the biggest battle of his life, he’s lucky he has great woman behind him.

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A revolutionary female scientist is celebrated in the May 13 Google Doodle.

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Matthew Apperson is the man who shot at George Zimmerman’s head during a road rage incident in Lake Mary, Florida, say police.

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A Florida neighborhood watch volunteer has been injured in an apparent road rage shooting.

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Jon Steindorf is the former Penn State student who has been missing since May 8. He never told his family that he left dropped out and disappeared just hours before PSU’s graduation ceremony.

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Injuries have been reported as a gunman is rampaging through the Rostraver Township in Pennsylvania.

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A Vancouver man admitted to killing his wife, daughter and his sister on Facebook. He later burned his home to the ground, committing suicide.

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A French tourist has been missing in the Bronx since May 4.

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