Robert Haffeman
Military Fails

It’s very important that you know what you’re doing when you set out to move a tank, plane or helicopter. Or not.

10 Celebrities Who Look Like Disney Characters

Ever notice a cartoon that looks like a celebrity? Almost like they were the inspiration behind the character? Well, check out 10 celebrities that bear a striking resemblance to popular Disney characters.

5 Things Women Wear That Men Hate

Honestly, most guys don’t really care about a girl’s wardrobe. Really. But there are some things that we just can’t handle.

50 Illusions That’ll Drive Your Mind Crazy

They say seeing is believing but that’s not the case here. Choose from 50 examples that’ll mess with your head. Don’t stare too long or you might get a headache.

Erica Cerra Hot and Sexy Photo Shoot

A regular to the Syfy channel and more recently that Percy Jackson movie, Erica Cerra put on a nice photoshoot in New York. Check it out.