Military Fails

It’s very important that you know what you’re doing when you set out to move a tank, plane or helicopter. Or not.

Minor League Baseball Freakout

Ray Serrano throws a hissy fit after a bad call in a Minor League game. Step one, get really worked up. Step two, wave bat menacingly. Step three, draw new strike zones so the Umpire can learn. Sounds crazy, but it works.

The Loveliest Lasses From Scotland

Check out the loveliest lasses from one of the windiest and rainiest places on earth: Scotland. Whether they’re royalty, models or actresses, it doesn’t really matter.

10 Celebrities Who Look Like Disney Characters

Ever notice a cartoon that looks like a celebrity? Almost like they were the inspiration behind the character? Well, check out 10 celebrities that bear a striking resemblance to popular Disney characters.

10 Things Athletes Say and What it Means

Yeah, pro athletes say a lot of dumb things but a lot of that is when they’re exhausted and emotional, so it’s bound to come out stupid. But check out what they’re really trying to say.

The 20 Worst Fireworks Fails

Fireworks and idiots are a bad combo. At least for the idiots, for everyone else it’s pure hilarity. So learn from the mistakes of others by checking out these 20 hysterical fireworks fails. You won’t regret it.

Family Guy: Pulled Over

Peter and Brian get pulled over and even though Peter’s covered in blood and drunk, Brian gets arrested for having a small amount of pot on him.

30 Funniest Restaurant Menu Items

Sometimes, things are lost in translation. Other times, things are created in translation. Check out some amazing examples in these hysterical menu mistakes.