Top 10 Best Video Baby Monitors of 2017

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All new parents know how important baby monitors are. They are your lifeline to your baby when you are in separate rooms of the house. When you have a sleeping infant, parental instincts take over and you want to check on them every few minutes to make sure they are OK and to see that they are sleeping soundly. Baby monitors let you check in on your little one without risking disturbing their sleep, and give you that peace of mind that you need from any room in the house.

Video baby monitors take you peace of mind one step further by letting you see as well as hear your baby. Video baby monitors usually have features such as intercom two-way communication, remote camera controls, and night vision. You can sleep soundly knowing that you can peek in on your baby in their nursery any time in the night, or check on them quickly and easily if they sound hungry or fussy.

With so many choices on the market, picking out the bast video baby monitor for your family can be daunting. Although they come with the same basic functions, each one has its own unique features and quirks. This guide includes the best video baby monitors on the market for 2017, along with full explanations of all of their features so that you can choose the best one for your home and your budget.

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1. Best Multi-Platform Baby Monitor: Summer Infant Baby Zoom Wi-Fi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System

summer infant baby zoom, best video baby monitor

The Baby Zoom system from Summer Infant takes an innovative approach to baby monitoring by offering a hand-held view screen as well as internet and smartphone viewing capabilities. It is a multi-platform system that allows you to view your baby while you are home as well as away from home. To use the remote view feature, all you have to do is set up your device (phone, tablet or computer) with the Summer Link Wifi App. There is no auto-timeout in the app so you can leave the view screen on for as long as you want. The app also features screenshot and video recording so you can capture those precious moments even when you are away from home.

The hand held monitor for in-home use has a 2.5″ screen and you can remotely control the camera with pan, scan, zoom and two-way communication. You can purchase this system with one or two cameras, and you can also expand with additional cameras (sold separately) to include multiple rooms and children.

Price: $153.36 to $263.99 depending on if you choose one or two cameras

Buy the Summer Infant Baby Zoom here.

Watch a features video here.


  • You can view your baby remotely from a smartphone or computer
  • Smartphone app lets you save pictures and video
  • You can remotely control the camera with pan, tilt and zoom


  • Additional cameras are sold separately and can get pricey
  • Does not monitor room temperature
  • Reviewers have had issues with the app crashing

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2. Best Multi-Camera Monitor: Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

summer infant dual view, best video baby monitor

If you have multiple children, it is wonderful to be able to keep an eye on all of them at once, even when they are in separate rooms of the house. This monitoring system from Summer Infant lets you do just that. You can purchase two, three or four cameras depending on how many rooms you want to monitor. The view screen is a wireless 3.5″ hand-held unit that also has remote controls for each camera so you can pan, tilt and zoom as needed. The viewing unit has a split-screen feature so you can view all cameras at once, unlike other systems which cycle through multiple cameras every few seconds. There is also a two-way communication feature and sound-activated LED lights so you can “hear” inside your baby’s room even with the screen unit muted.

Price: $165.63 plus $48.62 for each additional camera

Buy the Summer Infant Dual View here.

Watch a review video here.


  • Makes it easy to view multiple rooms/children at once
  • Allows for simultaneous viewing of all cameras in the system
  • Has remote pan, tilt and zoom control


  • When viewing multiple rooms at once, each one is pretty small on the screen
  • This system is very expensive compared with others
  • Only includes one parent unit

Find more Summer Infant Dual View information and reviews here.

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3. Best Touch Screen Baby Monitor: Samsung BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System

Samsung BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System, best video baby monitor

Here is a great video monitoring system from Samsung, a worldwide leader in tech. This system features an HD camera, remote pan and tilt control, two-way talk with HC audio, and non-visible Infared LED night vision. The camera unit also includes a soft night light and four lullabies that you can play for your baby. The parent unit features feeding timer alerts, a long lasting battery and a wireless range of up to 900 feet. You can expand this system with up to four cameras (sold separately) for multiple children, as well.

The thing that really sets this system apart from the pack is the size of the view screen. The parent unit is 5″, which is the largest we have seen in any baby monitor. It is also a touchscreen, giving you easy and fast access to all of the controls.

Price: $179

Buy the Samsung BrightVIEW here.

Watch a review video here.


  • Includes a huge parent unit measuring 5”
  • Parent unit has touch screen controls
  • Features night vision, lullabies and remote camera control


  • Purchasing additional cameras can be expensive
  • Some reviewers had trouble with the touch screen controls
  • Audio controls only work for one camera at a time

Find more Samsung BrightVIEW information and reviews here.

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4. Best Inexpensive Baby Monitor: Samsung BabyVIEW Baby Monitoring System

samsung babyview, best video baby monitor

If you love Samsung products but want a less expensive baby monitor, the BabyVIEW system is for you. Here is an extremely affordable video baby monitor that still has a lot of the features of more expensive units. The BabyVIEW includes a secure, interference free wireless signal, a wireless range of up to 800 feet, two-way talk with a built in mic and speaker in both units, and an optional quiet mode with LED sound indicators on the parent unit. There are also non visible Infared LEDs on the camera unit to allow night vision of up to 15 feet.

Price: $99

Buy the Samsung BabyVIEW here.

Watch an intro video and review here.


  • Includes a two-way talk feature
  • Less expensive than other options
  • Expandable system up to four cameras


  • Relatively small screen size
  • Does not have remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • Does not have a split-screen for multiple cameras

Find more Samsung BabyVIEW information and reviews here.

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5. Best High Tech Baby Surveillance: Lorex Live SD Wireless Video Surveillance System

 Lorex LW1742 Live SD Wireless Recording Video Surveillance System with 2 Cameras, best baby video monitor

Lorex is a top brand when it comes to home surveillance. Although this camera system is not specifically marketed for baby monitoring, it does a great job. You can install the wall-mounted cameras anywhere in your nursery and use the extra large monitor to view your baby from anywhere. The kit comes in multiple size options, including one camera two cameras or four cameras. You can also choose either a 7″ or 9″ HD display screen, which is larger than any baby monitor you will find and also features much crisper HD video quality. You can also add additional cameras as needed. If you have multiple cameras on in separate rooms of the house, you can view them in a split-screen easily on the monitor. This system has night time viewing up to 65 feet, so you can use it without a light on while baby is sleeping as well. The video feed is sent over a secure wireless signal, and you can even record videos and screenshots right from the view screen.

Price: $199 to $245 depending on screen size and number of cameras.

Buy the Lorex Live SD Wireless Video Surveillance System here.

Watch a manufacturer’s video here.


  • Extra large HD screen size
  • Video and audio recording available right from the view screen
  • Transmits over a secure wireless signal


  • Does not have a temperature monitoring feature
  • Formatting new memory cards was challenging for some reviewers
  • Some reviewers found the motion detector overly sensitive

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6. Best Modern Design: Levana Stella Digital Baby Video Monitor

levana stella, best video baby monitor

The Levana Stella is a sleek and stylish baby monitor with a ton of great features. First of all, the parent unit has a large screen at 4.3″, making it easier to see your baby. You can control the camera remotely, allowing you to pan, tilt and zoom around the nursery. There is also a night vision feature using Infared LEDs that are invisible so they do not light up baby’s room at night. There is also an intercom feature that allows you to talk to your baby through the camera unit. This system also uses a private and secure digital signal and has up to 750 feet of range.

Price: $215.41

Buy the Levana Stella Digital Baby Video Monitor here.

Watch a manufacturer’s video here.


  • Features a two-way talk intercom
  • You can remotely control the camera with pan, tilt and zoom controls
  • This system is on the less expensive side of the spectrum


  • Reviewers mentioned poor video quality
  • Does not include temperature monitoring
  • Some reviewers found the interface not very user friendly

Find more Levana Stella Digital Baby Video Monitor information and reviews here.

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7. Best Customizable System: Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

 Motorola MBP38S-2 Digital Video Baby Monitor with 4.3-Inch Color LCD Screen and 2 Cameras with Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom , best video baby monitor

When it comes to consumer electronics, Motorola is at the front of the pack, and video baby monitors are no exception. This wireless baby monitor system has all of the bells and whistles that you need to make sure your baby is safe and secure at all times, even when you are not in the same room. It includes a secure signal on 2.4 GHZ wireless band, remote control of the camera through the parent unit so you can pan, tilt and zoom as needed, a high sensitivity microphone and two-way communication for easy soothing and communicating with your baby remotely. This unit also features room temperature monitoring so that you can always know your baby is comfortable, and optional lullabies that can be played from the baby unit. You can choose from multiple options to make this a custom system for your home, including three different sized screens and up to four cameras per system. The LCD parent monitor is a HD screen for high quality video, and there is also Infared night vision included using invisible LEDs. You can either choose a 2.8” display screen, a 3.5” or a 4.8″ screen depending on your budget.

Price: $84.95 to $168.99 depending on screen size and number of cameras, plus $99 for additional cameras

Buy the Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor here.

Watch a review video here.


  • Includes remote camera control and HC viewing
  • Has a secure wireless signal and no interference
  • Also includes temperature monitoring in the nursery


  • Is not expandable with multiple cameras
  • The smaller screen size makes it harder to see baby clearly
  • Some reviewers had issues with the battery chargers

Find more Motorola MBP36S information and reviews here.

8. Customer Favorite: Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

best video baby monitor, Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is the number one best seller on for baby monitors. The reason why it is so popular is because this is a well thought out system that has all of the features you need to keep a close eye on your baby, and it works extremely well. It is also less expensive than many of the other options on this list, without sacrificing quality. This camera system is the first one on the market with interchangeable optical lenses. This allows you to customize your viewing angle and zoom level. You can choose between a wide angle lens, a regular lens or a zoom lens. you can even combine multiple cameras within the unit, so that you have a wide angle view of the entire room as well as a close up view of your baby’s crib or play area.

All of the cameras include remote control of pan, tilt and zoom as well. The parent unit has a 3.5″ LCD display and easy to use controls, as well as a long battery life of up to 10 hours in battery saving mode or 6 hours of screen time.

Price: $166.59 and free shipping

Buy the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor here.

Watch a multiple camera comparison video here.


  • Includes interchangeable lenses for wide angle, regular or zoom view
  • You can add multiple cameras on to the system
  • #1 Best seller on Amazon


  • Interchangeable lenses are small and easy to misplace
  • Reviewers had issues with the charging plug (on older models)
  • Some reviewers had issues with limited wireless range

Find more Infant Optics DXR-8 information and reviews here.

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9. Best Wifi Monitor: Gynoii WiFi Wireless Video Baby Monitor

 Gynoii GPW-1025, WiFi Wireless Pan-Tilt Video Baby Monitor with HD Infrared Night Vision, Two Way Audio & Time-Lapse for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets , best video baby monitor

Gynoii takes a different approach to baby monitors than most manufacturers, which we believe is much more simple and in line with modern technology. Most new parents have smart phones or tablets, which we carry everywhere with us. Instead of purchasing a two piece monitoring system with a camera and an LCD view screen, why not take out the middle man and use your phone as the view screen? This camera is much less expensive than most baby monitors but it is able to offer unparalleled video quality without adding the cost of purchasing a view screen.

You do not have to have a smartphone to use this monitor, however. It also works on any other device such as a tablet or a computer. Whatever device you use, you can take picture screenshots as well as record videos, and you can even play custom lullabies from your device.

You can even add an authorized guest account, so grandma and grandpa or babysitters can also view the nursery from their device. The setup is super easy and only takes about a minute. This unit also features two-way talk, intelligent sound and motion alerts and audio only mode. Like many other video monitors, there are invisible Infared LEDs in the camera unit for night vision.

Price: $59.12

Buy the Gynoii WiFi Wireless Video Baby Monitor here.

Watch a demo of the camera’s night vision here.


  • Very inexpensive compared with other video baby monitors
  • Easy to set up on any wireless device and you can add one guest account as well
  • Includes remote camera controls, two way talk and lullabies


  • May not be as convenient for parents who do not have smart phones
  • Does not include room temperature monitoring
  • You cannot add multiple cameras to the system

Find more Gynoii information and reviews here.

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10. Best Basic Baby Monitor: Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS, best video baby monitor

Phillips is another go-to brand for home electronics, and the AVENT baby monitor is a great solution for parents who want a secure wireless connection and all of the features we have come to expect in baby monitors. Baby monitors are notorious for signal interference, especially these days with radio and Wifi signals everywhere. The AVENT system uses FHSS technology for a secure and private connection that is free of interference. The color monitor has a 3.5″ screen, talk-back feature, and easy to use controls. The baby unit includes lullabies, optional wall mounting, night light and temperature monitoring. You can also put the unit on voice activation mode, which saves battery life and prevents background noise from waking you up in the night. Overall, this is a solid and well developed system and it is very highly reviewed by parents.

Price: $145.98 with free shipping

Buy the Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor here.

Watch a manufacturer’s video here.


  • Runs on secure FHSS technology for interference-free communication
  • Includes temperature monitoring, lullabies, night light and wall mount options
  • The user interface is very easy to understand and use


  • Some reviewers found background noise to be louder than average
  • Sometimes background noise can interfere with the Eco battery saving setting
  • The monitor display is on the smaller side

Find more Philips AVENT nformation and reviews here.

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