Petition To Make Animated GIFs Work On Facebook

Extraordinary Animated GIFSave The Animated GIF
You see that image above? That’s an animated GIF. It’s one of the building blocks of the whole damned Internet – the only way to encode moving pictures in a single image file. We love animated GIFs here at Heavy. You know who doesn’t love animated GIFs? Facebook. Yes, not only did they totally screw up the whole “news feed” thing with their last update, they also don’t let you upload animated GIFs to your Photo Albums – we tried to put that image above on our Facebook page and the poor lady was stuck mid-shake, locked in a frozen limbo of Hell forever. Unacceptable! So, since we’re progressive, involved citizens, we’ve created a Facebook petition here, because those always work, to let Facebook know that we want the right to plaster animated GIFs all over their site. Won’t you join the cause?

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