Man Up! Best Links For Tuesday, December 29th

Man Up!It’s almost the last link dump of the decade, and now would be a good time to sit back and reflect on what we’ve learned, so let’s go: Electroclash was dumb and gay, don’t jerk off with a rope around your neck, girls can’t be Vice President. That’s about it for me. Maybe you can learn something else by following one or more of these awesome links.

Where Boners Go To Die – Archaeologists looking for the Great Boner Graveyard are stymied.

Kids Falling Off Chairs: Always Funny – Especially if they’re your kids.

The 25 Greatest Moments In Vandalism History – Not that I condone this. But I do.

Street Fighter II: Jersey Shore Edition – Guido Punch! Hair Gel Suplex!

Calvin & Hobbes By Comics Superstars – No Rob Liefeld, no sale.

Ice T’s Wife On The Beach – You know, the one with the huge ass.

Fargo News Reporter Meets Haybood Jablowme – He’s a guy with a lot to say.

Real Life Kool-Aid Man – Er, woman. Thing.

The Ten Most Suprising Deaths Of 2009 – #11 is… YOU!!!

The Ten Best Nude Scenes Of The Year – #11 is… YOU!!!

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