Man Up! Best Links For Thursday, January 14th

It’s Thursday! And that means more links! From Octomom to news wipeouts to Mila Kunis to chainsaws, we’ve covered as many bases as we can. Click away!

30 Pics That Make No Sense – Just a warning: You will not be prepared for this.

Avatar’s Anti-Depression Commercial – After making fun of Leno, Jimmy Kimmel is trying to be funny again!

Octomom Bikini Shoot – Like a car crash or grandma falling down the stairs… you know you have to look.

Teacher Hates Her Present – Wow. Never thought cute hamsters would generate that reaction…

Midgets vs Mascots DVD – Win the DVD that caused so much controversy with Gary Coleman

Great Live News Wipeout – Look what happens when you walk into the shot.

Mila Kunis Esquire Photoshoot – Not just pictures but a nice video as well

10 TV Actors Who Need A Movie Break – They’ve done their work. Time to pull a Clooney.

Most Talented Chainsaw Operator – He’s either stupid and lucky or a genius. You decide.

Anna Wolfers Photoshoot – German, model, an actress, in lingerie. Wonderful.

Another Facebook Fail – For the record, she was talking about 5 Guys Burgers and Fries… Innuendo win!

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