Man Up! Best Links For Tuesday, January 19th

It’s time for a link dump, and I’m sure after your three-day weekend you’re ready for a heaping helping of ways to waste a working Tuesday. There’s some awesome sheezy on this list, from Craigslist hilarity to hot babes, so stop reading and start clicking!

The Most Desirable Women Of 2010 – Might as well get started early.

50 Funniest Craigslist Ads of All Time – It may be the slums of the internet, but it sure produces some gold.

Sexy Snow Bunny Pics – Who would’ve thought bikinis and snowsports would be a wonderful combination?

The Top 75 Movies of 2009, Pornolized – This guy has a talent.

Man Feeding Huge Woman – Only true love or total stupidity would allow this man to get that close.

Hottest Mom of the Lingerie Football League – Carrie Small: 32 years old, with a 9 year old. Wow.

Microwaving a Box of Wine – Nothing… nothing… nothing… noth-Woah!

5 Things We Hate About Megan Fox – 6: She’s not here without clothes.

The Girls Of The Tempe 12 – I’m going back to school like Rodney Dangerfield.

James Cameron and T-Bone Burnett: Separated At Birth – A likely hypothesis.

Five Great Viridian Dynamics Commercials – Unfortunately not a real company.

Keely Hazell Lingerie Pics – All colors of lingerie. Bedside and poolside. Wonderful.

10 of the Funniest African-American Comedians You Never Heard Of – Or have you?

7 Weird Vintage Sex Products – Where did these ideas go? These are great!

These Penguins Run This Town – Iceberg. Whatever.

29 Chicks in Sexy Star Wars Gear – 70% Slave Leias, 20% Stormtroopers, 9% lightsabers… and Kate Beckinsale.

Girl With Tourettes – “Don’t get mad at me. I have tourettes, dammit!”

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