Man Up! Best Links For Monday, January 25th

What a great Monday. There’s stuff from all corners of entertainment! Lovely Victoria’s Secret photos from a recent shoot, funny animal videos, parodies and more Late Night footage. Grab that mouse and click your index finger off!

Artie Lange Prdicted the Conan Fiasco – Maybe he’s a soothsayer, because he knew something was up.

The Top 10 Kinds Of Guys In The Strip Club – Type 11: undercover cops.

Average Cubans (Video) – “Ordinary Cubans doing ordinary things” A sneak peek at episode 2.

Cat Owns Bear (Video) – It’s like Winnie the Pooh vs a little tiger.

10 Misuses of the Laugh Track – ER, The Wire and To Catch a Predator with a silly laugh track!

51 Hot Pics of Alessandra Ambrosio – Bikini-clad, no less!

California School District Bans Dictionaries For Dirty Words – Well, you can’t spell “dictionary” without “dick.”

The 40 Funniest Receipts Of All Time – Ka-ching!

8 Reasons You Don’t Want to Date a Porn Star – All aside from the obvious. These are well thought out.

Girls Eating Hotdogs – Just like girls eating bananas.

Man Cries Over Video Games – And just because the power went out and he couldn’t save his game.

Michelle Stevens LFL Pics – Running back, in lingerie and a mom of two. Damn.

Girl Fails at Bowling (Video) – What is that coming out of the ceiling afterwards? Raw sewage?

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