Man Up! Best Links For Tuesday, January 26th

How many ways can I think of to introduce a link dump? How about… over nine thousand? But do you really even need an introduction anymore? These are the best links. Anywhere.

21 Funniest Warning Signs Ever – Wow. Some of these have to be fake. But hilarious.

15 Classic Celeb Photos of 2009 – Michael Cera photobomb, Obama takin’ a sneak peek and more!

Best (or Worst) Tattoo Ever – You be the judge but either way, it’s worth a look.

Gigantic Badass Lost Poster – I haven’t been this psyched for a show to come back since Sanford & Son.

7 Ways to Spot a Liar – As told by an FBI profiler. Good tips to know.

Clever and Witty Advertisements – These guys defined thinking outside the box.

Ultimate Locker Room Pump-Up Mix – This’ll make Carrot Top steal your iPod.

The Creepiest Old Ladies In Movies – Grandma, NO!

20 Caprice Bourret Pics – Awesome pics of a 39-year-old hottie. Unbelievable.

New Candice Swanepole Victoria’s Secret Pics – Yesterday we had Alessandra. Today is Candice’s turn.

Judge Dredd Auditions for American Idol – He should’ve tried Judge Judy.

2 Chicks Knock a Dude Out – These two broads knock this lardo back.

Karina Smirnoff Bikini Pics – Greased up, sunbathing and then playing catch.

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