The 20 Worst Parenting Fails

The 20 Worst Parenting FailsChildren – aren’t they awesome? And aren’t they so easy to totally scar for life? What follows is a collection of 20 of the most amazing, irresponsible, catastrophically wrong-headed parenting photographs ever assembled – from snake cuddling to unsupervised tricycling, these kids are bound for either reality TV or the grave.

Beer Help Parenting Fail

I’m sure that kid’s mother is so happy that she went through 9 months of Hell so that her husband could have his own personal dwarf Coyote Ugly bartender.

Stroller Parenting Fail

That’s nice. Raw meat right on top of the kid. God forbid you carry a tote bag – wouldn’t want anybody to think you were a faggit.

Snake Parenting Fail

Yeah, the kid’s really enjoying that, you creepy backwoods Steve Irwin.

Cocaine Parenting Fail

It could be worse – at least the little guy knows how to share.

Slip And Slide Parenting Fail

It’s called “Slip & Slide,” not “Drop & Concuss.”

Stripper Parenting Fail

Look at how jaded that little dude is. He’s seen this routine a couple dozen times. He’s all “Mom, you lost some focus in the bit where you winked your cooch at the mark. Keep your energy up during the drum break in ‘Freak Nasty’ and you’ll get better tips. Just saying.”

Gangsta Parenting Fail

The one in the middle has already iced somebody. She ain’t playin’.

Blowup Doll Parenting Fail

“Oh, I’m just keeping her warm for Daddy.”

Microwave Parenting Fail

Do you know how hard it is to get white-hot nacho cheese out of a diaper?

Tricycle Parenting Fail

You know what, little Korean dude has to work. Don’t begrudge him a living.

Raccoon Parenting Fail

They’ll wash him off before they eat him, at least.

Mike Tyson Parenting Fail

Someday, kid, you’ll look back on all of this and laugh. If you survive.

Seatbelt Parenting Fail

What? He’s buckled in. We’re only going to Papa John’s, it’s like three miles. I’m not even that drunk.

Hatchet Parenting Fail

George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. I think this kid is at best an Insane Clown Posse fan.

Snake Parenting Fail

Snakes are totally clean, bro. Like the cleanest animal on Earth. It’s cool.

Helmet Parenting Fail

Would you prefer he not wear a helmet at all? At least this way, if he gets into an accident, all of his brains will be inside the bag.

Mermaid Parenting Fail

That’s great. You made your daughter into a sea whore.

Stripper Pole Parenting Fail

Hey, who am I to tell them what to spend their allowance on?

Lion Parenting Fail

This is totally the worst because that kid has no legs. He couldn’t even make a pathetic attempt at running away to give the noble lioness some sport. Do you know how demoralizing that is for them?

Gun Mouth Parenting Fail

Yeah, you’re probably right.

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