What I Think Of These People: Oprah And Gaga

Oprah and Lady GagaPop culture: it moves so fast, it can put your eye out. And for an old dude like myself, who remembers grunge music and when Heroes was good, it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on. So I turned to the younger generation – in this case, my seven year old niece Adelaide. Every two weeks, I’m going to show her a picture of some pop culture movers and shakers and have me tell her about them. This installment: Oprah and Lady Gaga.

“They look like they’re doing masks. They look like wig designers. They are smiling like a cat because it shows people that they need attention.

They live in South Dakota. I know that because they look a little cold. The spiky haired girl is named Tianna and the other ones name is Shirly.

These people were just kids before. They were friends and hanged out together and they decided they’d stick together forever and live in the same house and make hair.

She even did spikes … coolness. The woman with the curly hair is not cool, but wonderful.

I think they’d get in a little bit of trouble if they came to my school.

Because people don’t really wear hair like that except at Halloween … it distracts the kids in class.

The other kids would think it would be awesome to have them in the classroom. They would just keep looking and looking and looking (that’s enough ‘lookings’).

The Chally-wigs (that’s the name of their wig business) would say ‘Whoa, this place is magical.’

They might design little toys for children, or for like, unicorns.

The spiky one reminds me of pineapples. I think her hair smells like lemon shampoo because it looks pokey. It would feel amazing if I touched her hair. The people in the nursing home might be scared of someone with spiky hair; they wouldn’t want to touch it. They would say “No thanks” and be, like, shivering.

The Jazzy Wig, Chally-Wig Designer club normally makes just wigs, but for fun they go dancing. If they were dancing and someone just came up and touched their hair it would make them mad. She’d say ‘WOULD YA STOP IT?’ and say that ‘Nobody touches my hair without asking or even if I tell them to.'”

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