Man Up! Best Links For Wednesday, February 17th

What a day. The planets must have aligned just right because today’s links are simply awesome. Check ’em out. All of them. You won’t regret it.

75 Sexiest Celebrity Print Ads Ever – Sultry divas can make you buy anything.

The Beatles vs Zombies – It’s been a hard day’s night of the living dead.

A Millennium Falcon that Actually Flies – Every once in a while a nerd strikes gold.

8 Drinks Men Should Try – These might not guarantee that you get laid, but you definitely won’t be laughed at.

Rock Out With Brian Posehn – One of the few stand-ups who is actually funny.

Cop Smacks Teacher – I don’t know the context but wow. He lets her have it.

Bikini Jell-O Wrestling DUI – Chick gets busted for driving under the influence… while still wearing a bikini and covered in Jell-o.

What Her Panties Say About Her – What she wears determines if you get laid or not.

Snowboarder vs Picnic Table – Guess who wins? Solid wood or this dude’s face?

Evangeline Lilly (Kate from Lost) Mega Gallery – If you don’t watch Lost, find out one of the reasons most guys do.

Is Creepy Or Awesome? – Read this interview with the founder of the “discreet affairs” website and decide.

Graffiti Cash – The George Washington Fett one is awesome.

Hot Chicks Dressed as Bumblebees – Is this a secret fetish or something? Because this is just insane.

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