Man Up! Best Links For Thursday, February 18th

It’s been a very good week in the land of internet links. Maybe it’s because it’s a short week. Or maybe it’s because UFC 110 is this weekend. Whatever the cause, we have an amazing assortment of links for you. So click away.

The Magical Disappearing Model – Hey! Who put that hole there?

Seriously Disturbing Picture – If you don’t get creeped out by this, turn yourself in to the police.

Mosh Pit Girl Gets Shopped – You know the picture… now check out these hysterical alterations.

6 Sexiest Female Figure Skaters – Quite possibly the 6 reasons to watch figure skating.

Man vs Windmill – This isn’t a fail. This is an awesome.

Heavy Rain Review – Not to be confused with review. That review is “this is awesome.”

How To Throw The Ultimate College Party – You need not be in college to do this.

Camel Towing – Best company name since Bunghole Liquors.

Summary of Season 6 of LostDon’t worry. This won’t ruin anything. It’s funny. Relax.

Michael Bisping Shows Chick His Guard – Before his fight at UFC 110, Bisping shows off his jiu jitsu skills.

Old Guy Fights on a Bus – They’re both stupid. But only one of them gets to walk away.

This Mattress Isn’t Just For Sleeping – You know what I’m talkin’ about. Wink wink.

7 Infomercial Products That Will Make Your Life Worse – Feel good about yourself if you don’t know what any of these are.

Aoki’s Infamous Hirota Arm Break – Just in case this one slipped under the radar (Caution: Graphic).

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