Man Up! Best Links For Tuesday, February 2nd

It’s time to get stupid with the greatest links anywhere on the Web. Motorboating, drunken dads and awesome treehouses await you inside.

21 Motorboatable Chicks on Boats – This would be some wonderful irony right here.

Hot Girls in Slo Mo – What is it about sexy ladies doing anything in slow motion? It’s always amazing.

What’s The Best College Spring Party? – Answer: the one with the most Robutussin.

Coolest Treehouse Ever – If the Swiss Family Robinson went modern, this would be the result.

New Award-Winning Video Game – Maybe Nintendo will buy this… for a new yelling-based system.

Daddy’s Drunk Again – Awesome booze PSA from the Canadian 80s.

Groundhog Day: The Lost Radio Tapes – In case you want to Bill Murray cosplay.

Grammy Pics of Pink – She wasn’t really naked. More like Leeloo-from-The-Fifth-Element naked.

15 Silly Groundhog Cupcakes – I wouldn’t eat one of these. The look too much like beavers.

8 Rejected iPad Prototypes – As clever as slapping a lower-cased “i” in front of any noun… sometimes verb.

Superbowl Cheerleader of the Day – Her name is Bronwyn B. She has a boyfriend. But she’s hot. So is her mom.

Painful Fish Jump Fail – Oh. Oh damn. Oh that’s gonna hurt for a while.

7 Things Your Email Address Says About You – Didn’t know this was going to be on the test, huh?

Melvin Manhoef Knocks a Dude Out – Knockout and a killer leg kick. Wow, that guy won’t feel so great when he wakes up.

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