The 20 Worst Tramp Stamps

Pig Tramp Stamp

I can think of no less flattering animal to permanently associate yourself with than the pig. Well, except possibly the Tila Tequila.

Butterfly Tramp Stamp

Okay, this is a tramp stamp that has gotten a little too big for its britches, literally. How deep does this butterfly go? Is there a caterpillar emblazoned on her lower intestine?

Ray Romano Tramp Stamp

Oh, wow, you really subverted the whole tramp stamp paradigm there, baby. How ironic and leet you are with your pop culture reference. But you still have a massive, permanent scab over your ass in Goddamn Copperplate font and Ray Romano is a millionaire, so you lose.

Hitler Tramp Stamp

This is just perplexing – is this dude a Neo-Nazi? Do you think Hitler would be rad with hanging out over your farthole all day? Or is this some kind of ironic statement too?

Chainsaw Tramp Stamp

So there’s two possibilities here – one is that this chubadub has horrible scarring from some industrial accident. The second, far more terrifying possibility, is that they did this to themselves on purpose.


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Just remember for everyone of these tattoos, there is a demented tattoo artist that inked these morons.

J Eliott

Logic fail ^ Tattoo artists don’t just draw one tattoo and then suddenly retire. There is not a tattoo artist for every tramp stamp.

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