The 20 Worst Wedding Fails

20 Worst Wedding FailsWith Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, some of you in the audience may be thinking of popping the question to your beloved. Marriage is a wonderful institution, and your wedding day will probably be the happiest one of your lives. Unless, of course, you walk down the path of fail like these 20 couples.

Wifey Wedding Fail

This is nice, right? This is classy. You got “Wifey” airbrushed right on your ass. Nobody’s ever going to look at that ass and think that’s a single ass. And that’s what marriage is really about.

Cutoffs Wedding Fail

We’ve all been to one of those crappy “destination weddings” where your aunt who’s getting married at 45 to the guy who installed the air conditioning makes the whole family truck off to some gritty beach somewhere and all the dudes are just sweating like whoa. So these dudes were like “No way to the linen suit, bro, it’s Nevernudes or nothing.” Also the bride miiiiiight just be a stripper they picked up somewhere.

Russian Goth Wedding Fail

On the flipside of that, this Russian Goth wedding looks like a cutscene from a Special Olympics Final Fantasy game. Of all the weddings where the bride chooses not to wear a veil, this one is the worst. Seriously, chick has like a twelvehead.

Rainbow Wedding Fail

I can understand not wearing white. It means you gave it up before you got hitched, and that’s cool. But this? Does this mean you got gang-banged by Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition? Both of you?

Garter Wedding Fail

Yes, the groom is taking the bride’s garter off with his teeth. But that’s cool, because she opened all of the bottles of champagne with hers. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, but that is actually a bride. You’ve heard of Say Yes To The Dress? She said yes to a silver tube top.


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