Man Up! Best Links For Thursday, March 18th

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day. You’re probably still hungover or at least desperate for a chuckle. That’s why we’ve collected an assortment of the best links we could find. Go at it.

22 Epic Revenge Photos – Hysterically clever and absolutely awesome. Check em out.

Funny Emperor Palpatine Moment – Someone’s had a little too much blue milk.

Stupid Emo Guys – Grow your hair out so you hide your face from us. Thanks. Please accept this punch to the face.

Brooke Hogan Out Shopping – But be respectful. This is Hulk’s daughter.

5 Reasons Your Game Console is Better Than Your GF – This list is for lonely dudes to justify their loneliness.

Drunk Russian Compilation – I sense a theme here…

Bad Example of Hitting on Girls – Yeah. That didn’t go so well, did it?

What Facebook Interests Mean – Wow. That’s what “traveling” means?

Big Smudge’s Babe of the Day – They spelled her name wrong, but it’s Arianny Celeste. Gorgeous.

Truck Doesn’t See Car – Wow. That actually looks kinda fun.

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