Man Up! Best Links For Friday, March 19th

It’s Friday. You’ve stuck around all week and you’ll be rewarded with the best selection of links you can imagine. It’s kind of like bedazzling. It makes anything better.

Lion King Toy Fail – Wow. Someone should either get fired or get an award for this.

Collection of Cool Elevator Ads – I didn’t even know these existed. But they’re awesome.

Amazing High Speed Freeze Frames – Don’t miss this. It’s awesome. Especially number 15.

Flip Fail = Bellyflop – That was from pretty high up too.

10 Sorriest Excuses in MMA – Every one of these are absolutely true.

15 Funny Photoshops of the Posing Guinea Pig – Photoshop and funny animal pictures are a beautiful thing.

11 NCAA Coaches Who Look Like 80s Movie Characters – This is a perplexing idea executed brilliantly.

Tiger’s Text Messages to Joslyn James – Everything you didn’t need to know. With pictures!

9 Amazing Office Pranks – These are gold. I’ll try a few out and get back to you.

Stop, Drop and Roll – Don’t we learn that in kindergarten?

8 Phrases With Unknown Origins – Utilize these at your next cocktail party… or kegger.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Trickshots – It’s like frisbee. But you shoot them.

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