Man Up! Best Links For Monday, March 8th

Welcome to Monday. You’ve had your coffee, made it through the morning, had lunch and struggled to the afternoon. Now reward yourself with a few entertaining links. Do it. You know you deserve it.

10 Greatest Red Carpet Moments – All your favorite celebrities in their absolute best moments.

Car vs Dude on Ladder – After the third time, it’s hard to see how this wasn’t intentional.

Painful Swing Wipeout – Oh man. How did they not see that coming?

Hot Army Chicks – If all women dressed like this in the military, everyone would stop fighting and stare.

Bike on a Treadmill Wipeout – Finally. A new way to wipe out on treadmills. I want more!

Drunk Girls are Clumsy – But drunk dudes are awesome. And classy. And accident-free.

Maverick-Style Robbery at Poker Game – Seriously. 6 guys robbed a poker tournament. How has this not happened before?

The 30 Hottest Girls At The Oscars – A fine guide to your red carpet babes.

15 Animals on Computers – Pets like the internet too!

Cop Smacks Dude – The guy is handcuffed and in the back seat of the police car. What else do you want?

10 Jobs You Wish You Had – Sitting at a desk. Answering phones. Hating your life.

Predator in 5 Seconds – Such a complex story, you can explain it in 5 seconds.

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