The 20 Worst Cosplay Photos

Worst Cosplay Sonic

People who are into Sonic the Hedgehog in any kind of serious way should be put on a Federal watchlist. This guy probably has skins in his basement. Pink skins.

Worst Cosplay Team Rocket

Prepare for trouble! And make it double cheeseburgers!

Worst Cosplay Silver Surfer

Hi, I’m gonna try to capture the iconic grace and majesty of the Silver Surfer, one of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations. Unfortunately, it’s going to end up looking more like a baked potato.

Worst Cosplay Boba Fett

Dude, come on. There’s trying too hard and then there’s not trying at all. This is a mop bucket, some poster paint and your Shaggy costume from last year’s Scooby-Doo Halloween.

Worst Cosplay Robin

Like, I could make fun of this guy for about a million reasons but he obviously knows what he’s doing here. Proving that God has a little good news for everyone.

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  1. The fourth and fifth last Cosplays were Kakashi Hatake and Rock Lee respectively. The Rock Lee cosplayer was the most accurate cosplay I’ve seen in this list. So before you compile a ‘Fail Cosplay’ list, actually compare the cosplay with a still of the character before you decide if it is a fail or not.
    Kind regards,

  2. Even if these peoples cosplays arnt the best per say or accurate. YOU my friend have no right to say these hurtful, rude, and mean comments. In case you dont know these people have feelings. Last i recall the main point of cosplay is to dress up as your favorite character AND have fun . Not everyone can pull a dead on cosplay of that character but that Dosent mean you should trash them that harshly. You have issues in all honestly i can already imagine the kind of person you are based on your hateful bully like comments on these poor people. They wanna cosplay let them who gives a damn as well on weight. Having fun is the most important thing. They dont need your kind of negativity

  3. the third last cosplay was jiraiya from naruto and his cosplay isnt all thatbad respectively. This article was outright cruel