The 20 Worst TV News Fails

The 20 Worst TV News FailsRush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin would have you believe that the mainstream media is a monolithic well-oiled machine that spreads its propaganda message to the people day in and day out. But in reality, the TV news is mostly staffed by bored, drunk community college graduates and brainless talking heads. That’s why we get priceless moments like these 20 Worst TV News Fails.

Child Hot News Fail

Dude, saying things like that on the air can get you a visit from Chris Hansen.

All Caps News Fail

It certainly is breaking news that you got your Shift key fixed. Big ups, WPIX 11.

White Ho News Fail

What Norah O’Donnell does in her off hours is nobody’s business but her own. And her pimp’s.

Right Left News Fail

Doctors are still trying to save her upper down.

Private Parts News Fail

You can say one thing about Fox News: they sure know what kind of people are watching.

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