The Funniest TV Court Moments

Funniest TV Court MomentsThe legal system seems to have migrated from the hallowed halls of government to the shoddy motels of reality TV, with trailblazer The People’s Court being followed by dozens of imitators, from the acerbic Judge Judy to the bizarre Extreme Akeem. Most of these shows are pretty boring, but every once in a while there’ll be some hilarity that makes the whole thing worthwhile. In this feature, I’ll share some of the funniest TV court clips I’ve found.

Hipster Smash – These guys are obviously just screwing around, but major props for them on getting this much airtime. The case involved a cat getting squashed by a TV, allegedly, but devolved into a frenzy of finger-snapping and ridiculousness. Check out the unforgettable ending, with a fantastic deadpan punchline.

People’s Court Mustache – After a property dispute, the last thing you want to do is have a conversation about your travails. So this chubby rocker decides to get a little sympathy on his side by talking about how hard it is being him. What follows is awesome in 99 flavors.

Crazy Eyes – Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word to crack me up. This guy in the background of the People’s Court is doing such a good job of looking really freaky that I’m surprised he didn’t get arrested.

Furries On Judge Mathis – What would make these proud anthromorphic animals turn to the legal system of the mundanes to solve their difficulties? Special note that the defendant may well be the first person to say “asshat” on television.

Drunk Impersonation On Judge Judy – This whole clip leads up to the last 10 seconds, in which the plaintiff does the best impersonation of a drunk college girl ever televised.

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