Top 10 Stoned Birthday Dog Photoshops

Top 10 Stoned Birthday Dog Photoshops

It’s the Internet, where literally anyone can become famous. Case in point: Stoned Birthday Dog, a curly-haired canine with a look in his eye like he has been partaking in some green stuff behind his master’s back. The original Stoned Birthday Dog took the Web by storm last week, and it was only a matter of time until the millions of illegal copies of Adobe Photoshop out there got their hands on him. What follows are our favorite Stoned Birthday Dog pics – enjoy.

Stoned Birthday Dog

The original. Look at how baked this dog is on his birthday. He knows how to party.

Stoned Birthday Dog Beach

This is an undeniable fact and attempts to deny it will be met with derision. At the beach.

Approval Guy Dog

Approval Guy approves of Stoned Birthday Dog.

Hilary Duff Dog

Hilary Duff shows her appreciation for new fiancee Mike Comrie’s engagement ring by… oh, wait a second.

Half Baked Dog

People don’t give this movie the props it deserves. Maybe if Dave Chappelle hadn’t lost his mind?

Chewbacca Dog

Stoned Birthday Dog would prefer the Slave Leia outfit, but this will do.

Keyboard Dog

The only problem with “Play Him Off, Stoned Birthday Dog” is that he takes forty-five minutes trying to figure out the solo from “Riders On The Storm.”

Stoned Advice Dog

Stoned Birthday Dog’s attempt to fill in for Advice Dog didn’t work out so well.

Obama Dog

Barack knows where the cool kids all hang out: at the Lincoln Memorial with a dog that does drugs.

Predators Dog

If you see this coming, don’t bother running. You’re already dead.

Three Stoned Birthday Dog Moon

I know Three Wolf Moon is played, but I would rock this shirt so often it’d gross people out.


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