Top 5 Lady Gaga “Telephone” Parodies

1268670131_gaga.jpgLady Gaga’s new “Telephone” music video featuring Beyonce debuted last week. All 10 minutes of the Tarantino-inspired video generated enough controversy to cause MTV to announce that they’ll no longer air the video (that’s what CNN says at least). But enough parodies and covers of the video have surfaced as time went on. We’ve compiled the 5 best ones out there. Check ’em out:

5. Bananaphone

Clever and witty. What if the phone was really… a banana?

4. Dude-ephone

Cross dressers performing their perspective of the video. Disturbing but entertaining.

3. Suspended: The Sequel

Wow. This video is angry and bitter towards Youtube. But it’s hysterical and well done.

2. Chicken Phone

One chicken dancing on a disco floor. Simple, yet effective.

1. BahBah Parody

Most of this takes place in a parking garage. More dudes acting it out. Almost too well done.

Bonus: Tyler Humphrey Drum Cover

Enjoy this amazing drum cover. This kid has some solid rhythm.

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