Man Up! The Best Links For Monday, April 19th

Ever see an animal that was so ugly that it came full circle and started being cute? Ever see a bunch of meatheads go at it at spring break? Well check out those and more below!

Weeklong Journey Into Farmville – [UnrealityMag]

Amazing Photobombs – [theCHIVE]

10 Funniest Post-Game Interviews – [Manofest]

Meathead Spring Break Fight – [TotallyCrap]

Bikini Cliff Jump Gone Wrong – [TooShocking]

Weird Japanese Breast Expansion Commercial – [DoubleViking]

Katy Perry Take the Twins For a Walk – [DonChavez]

55 So-Ugly-They’re-Cute Animals – [RegretfulMorning]

Stacking Cups on a Drunk Cardinals Fan – [BustedCoverage]

The Laying Down Game – [EvilChili]

7 Things to Wear This Spring – [Guyism]

You Run Too Slow; This is Why – [BigSmudge]

Best Corner Kick You’ll Ever See – [TopCultured]

Best Field Trip Ever – [I-Am-Bored]

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