Man Up! The Best Links For Tuesday, April 27

Iron Man takes on Leonardo DiCaprio, hotties do some great golf tricks, two chicks fight in public and a hillbilly gets tazed while riding a lawnmower.

50 Greatest Christina Hendricks Cleavage Photos – [Manofest]

Hot Girls Doing Golf Tricks (Fantastic) – [EatMyShorts]

Great Photos of Girls in Bikinis – [Uncoached]

30 Burgers That Scream “America!” – [theCHIVE]

Iron Man vs Titanic – [DoubleViking]

Jump on Truck, Taunt Police, Throw Pants, Get Arrested (NSFWish) – [TotallyCrap]

Viscous Cat Fight in Public – [BustedCoverage]

Lady Cats Dance Team – [Guyism]

Jim Carey, Eddie Vedder and Dave Matthews Support Conan – [BroBible]

20 Faces in Rocks… Weird – [SuperTremendous]

Drunk Hillbilly On a Lawn Mower vs Cop With Taser – [GorillaMask]

Cliff Diving Gone Wrong – [I-Am-Bored]

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