5 Things That Make Me Proud to be an American This Week

Every week, I pick five things that make me love America. This week: Miss USA is a terrorist, Harrison Ford’s car dealership, Ghostbusters and more.

Harrison Ford Mercury

We’ve seen so many Hollywood legends fade into the obscure hell of late-night infomercials, pro-wrestling, and made-for-Lifetime movies that it’s uplifting, for once, to see one move gracefully into the next stage of his life.

At the very least, Harrison Ford is trying.  Opening a Mercury dealership in Ohio in the year 2010 isn’t the most intelligent business decision, but who are we to judge?  Actors aren’t renowned for their business acumen – if they were, they would be businessmen instead of actors.  Duh.

The really disappointing thing here isn’t that Harrison Ford has decided to quit acting, but that he’s opened a car dealership when way better opportunities were available.  I would have opened a water park, named it Harrison Fjord and called it a day.  But that’s just me.

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