Man Up! Best Links For Monday, May 3

Sometimes celebrities grace us with a sexy Twitpic, sometimes drugs make you dance with sunflowers and sometimes everything can look like wang.

25 Sexiest Celebrity Twitter Photos – [Manofest]

Funny Superman Costumes – [UnrealityMag]

The Weirdest Chairs You’ll Ever See – [theCHIVE]

Drugged Up Idiot Dances With Sunflower – [TotallyCrap]

Jimmy Kimmel’s Unnecessary Censorship – [EatMyShorts]

Art of the Accidental Penis – [TopCultured]

100 Photos That Won’t Make the Wedding Album – [I-Am-Bored]

Brooke Hogan in a Bikini, Brother! – [DonChavez]

100 Sexiest Photos of Christina Aguilera Ever Taken – [Guyism]

It’s Spring! The Ladies Are Out! – [DoubleViking]

Erica Dittman Is Your Babe of the Day – [BigSmudge]

Animals Doing It Wrong – [AfroJacks]

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