Power Hour Drinking Game Is In Jeopardy

Here’s the quick version: A girl by the name of Ali Spagnola created 60 fun, one-minute songs about drinking so that people could play the fun one-shot-of-beer-every-minute game at her live Drinking Game Concerts (which sound awesome), or online while watching her YouTube videos.

Sound awesome? Exactly. That’s because it is awesome. But here’s the problem.

A dude named Steve Roose recently created a Power Hour Game with a DVD and game where people can play the game that way. BUT, d-bag got the trademark for the term “Power Hour” (no one knows how) and is claiming that everyone with a game or website or song with the term “power hour” is violating his trademark and he will notify his “legal team” of the “violation” that might result in “legal action.”

So the dude got the trademark on April 27th, 2010. His game features a character called “The Beer Man” and is basically a PowerPoint that burps every sixty seconds. What a sad day.

Power Hour is supposed to be awesome and fun. It’s not supposed to be some trademarked term of only one (stupid) game by some guy who manifest destiny-ed his way onto the scene.

Spagnola has started a Save the Power Hour campaign. So has the guy from PowerHourHQ.com. So check it out and support her cause. Because this one hits home for anyone who enjoys the power hour game.

Oh and Roose’s website is PowerHourGame.com. We won’t be linking to it until he backs down or someone trademarks the term “Roose” with “Douche.”

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