The 20 Worst Moms

The 20 Worst Moms

Mother’s Day is on the way, and while we all think that our Mom is the best one ever, some just aren’t. Some, in fact, should have never been allowed to reproduce. In this feature, 20 of the worst Moms the world has ever seen.

Gun Mom

Oh ha ha ha, that’s so funny. What a wacky zany time we’re having with our crotchdumpling and a loaded firearm.

Showgirls Mom

This is great. You’ve faded into a haggard disaster, so let’s live vicariously through your child and mold her into the hellish Madonna prostitute that you always wanted to be.

Plow Mom

No, I think I’ll pass.

Segway Stroller Mom

That’s great. The two values you’re going to pass onto your kid are laziness and gullibility. If you could suck down a Big Gulp at the same time, you’d be the perfect American.

Phone Mom

“Look, it’s your beautiful baby!” “STFU TXTING.”

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