The 20 Worst Myspace Pictures

The 20 Worst Myspace Pictures

Oh, Myspace – remember when you were the hotness? After everybody left Friendster but before everybody went to Facebook? It was awesome to pimp out your profile and post like a zillion pictures of yourself. But then… the Great Disaster. Myspace became infested by attention whores, teenagers and megadorks, and pretty soon the site was a wasteland of the scum of humanity. We dove back in this week and brought back 20 specimens of the worst Myspace has to offer.

Cutter Myspace Pic

Oh, God dammit, how many times do I have to tell you: down the road, not across the street? Also quit stealing your Momma’s makeup, Gothy Chubcheeks.

Redhead Mirror Myspace Pic

“Oh Hello Ginger Eatbeast! I think you will make a good snack!” And then the version in the mirror thinks the same thing, only backwards.

Eyelashes Myspace Pic

Yes, this is lovely. A lovely look for you. The more crap you cake on your face, the better.

Blackface Myspace Pic

OK, no: too far.

Fatso Myspace Pic

Okay, I’ve heard about the “Myspace Angle,” but I don’t think it’s doing you any favors here, bro.


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Don’t give up yet .they are remove able.really work with him on this one also the people he talks too a big reason for the body art he put on his handsome face he owns. I know your feelings My thirty four girl has her chest covered arms back sure did nothing for her very pretty face of hers .what do they think ? I d love to know.
Best wish es D.M.Brown .

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