Girls, Bikinis and Beer

Hot Bikini Girl and Bud Light

There’s something wonderful about a hot summer day, girls running around in bikinis and ice cold buckets of beer lying around. It’s the only recipe for a Fourth of July party. Or any summer party for that matter.

Brazilian thong

Brazilian thong

big boobs

…And beer

The 20 Awesomest Beer Labels

Skip the Miller and try a beer with the approval of the undead. From lucheros to werewolves and Weird Al, these are the awesomest beer labels worthy of your fridge.

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…And all three!

The 20 Hottest Girls With Beers

There's nothing like a frosty beer, but add a beautiful girl and you're really in business. Check out the 20 Hottest Girls with Beers and pop your top.

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Or watch a funny video about a Bad Place to Park a Jet Ski.

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