Man Up! Best Links For Monday, June 8

Clearly not a fail. This is a volleyball win.

25 moments in WTF history, tattoos even the most cynical of us can respect and the best homemade Halloween costume you’ll ever see.

Great Ray Liota Film Moments – UnrealityMag.

Tattoos to Respect – theCHIVE.

10 Best Cheerleader Movies of All Time – Manofest.

Graduation Faceplant – TotallyCrap

Very Elaborate Wedding Proposal – EatMyShorts

Best Homemade Kid’s Costume Ever – TopCultured

Joe Biden Had a Waterfight – BroBible

7 Things That Ruin Live Sporting Events – Guyism

20 Weirdest Things Found in a Human Body – SuperTremendous

Babe of the Day: Terrie B – BigSmudge

When it Gets Warmer, Hotties Get Hotter – DoubleViking

25 Monumental Moments in WTF History – RegretfulMorning

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