The 20 Awesomest Animal Battles

Lemurs Fighting

These lemurs are too evenly matched in kung fu technique – their combat could go on forever, until the last ember of heat expires from the core of the sun. Or until they break for snacks.

Bird Fighting Fox

That fox was enjoying an old-school McRib, all frosty-like, when the bird flew up on him and was like “FOODJACKED! Bitch!” Then he dropped him down a well.

Elephants Fighting

Look at this brutal elephant bodycheck. Dig the strands of drool oozing out of his mouth. That’s some Mike Tyson power there.

Horses Fighting

Horse fights are brutal and hilarious all at once – it’s just silly that such a majestic beast gets up on all twos and bitch-slaps like an 8th grader when it’s pissed.

Cat Kicking Dog

When dogs own cats, it’s kind of scary. When cats own dogs, especially with roundhouse kicks, it’s hilarious.

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