The 20 Worst Fathers

The 20 Worst Fathers

Hey, everybody – Father’s Day is this weekend, and what better way to pay tribute to our dear old Dads than with a photo gallery of twenty poppas who maybe should have pulled out. Yes, I know that dads are supposed to be a little more irresponsible, but these guys really push it over the line.

Penis Shirt Father

What a great fashion decision, Dad – pointing a horrible tribal tattoo wrench penis right at my swimsuit area.

Drink Mugshot

Randy Lewis of Knoxville, Tennessee got so blotto one night that he made his ten year old son drive him home, and of course his kid flipped the van at 90 MPH. Okay, that’s not really what “designated driver” means.

Electric Fence Dad

This guy just doesn’t give a damn that his kid has millions of volts of deathtricity coursing through her cute little body. He’s all “What-evs.”

Dude, you’re not supposed to leave the motor running at the gas station anyways. This is sort of an acceptable outcome, considering.

Mermaid Dad

This is great. You’re marching your daughter down to the docks to whore her out to sailors too drunk to know the difference between a real mermaid and… whatever you’re doing.

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