Man Up! Best Links for Tuesday July 20

Sadly, women still can't be priests in cocacolism
Today we’ve got a few absurdly hot girls, the craziest knockout of the week, the best treadmill fail of the year, and the funniest sports photos of all time. Pretty good day if you ask us.

Cute Porcupine Thinks It’s a Cat

Sexy Sabella Shake Will Make You Quake

Funniest Treadmill Fail We’ve Seen in a While

Mellisa Marie Gonzales Has a Body People Have Probably Died For

The 100 Funniest Sports Photos in All of Time

50 Nintendo Spoilers in 2 Minutes

How To Tell if You’re Addicted to Porn

The Pick Up Secrets of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cartwheel Kick Knocks Fighter OUT!

Funny Old Spice Library Spoof

A Hot Chick Doing Chores Sexily in Her Underwear

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