The 20 Awesomest AZN Kids

The 20 Awesomest AZN Kids

I’m not sure what it is, but Asian kids have a knack for taking awesome photographs. Collected from all over the Web, here’s 20 amazing shots of AZN youngsters being awesome in one way or another.

AZN Kid Getting A Shot

Did you see Akira? This little dude’s going to let off a psychic shockwave that’s going to devastate Neo-Tokyo. Or Neo-Wisconsin, wherever the hell he is.

AZN Kid Pissing

Dude, being able to piss in front of a hot chick is a useful life skill. Props to this little fella for mastering it so early.

AZN Kid Iron Man

This Iron Man costume is almost perfect – little dude just needs to be holding a Martini glass full of Juicy Juice or something.

Drunk Azn Kid

Asian kids and totally inappropriate T-shirts: the first in a series. All the kids behind him might be wearing crowns, but this little dude is the king.

AZN Kids Yakuza

Part of me wants to believe that these two little badasses are actually the youngest members of Japan’s feared yakuza. The flip-flops kinda blow the look though.

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