The 20 Awesomest Inception Mash-Ups

11. Toy Story 3: InceptionOh hey, Pixar again. We’d never really realized before how much Leonardo Dicaprio was like a Ken doll.

12. Total Inception – We hear they’re remaking Total Recall. Hopefully the remake will be as awesome as this trailer.

13. The Dark Inception – Christopher Nolan’s two masterpieces mashed up together. And Michael Cain is playing the same role in both of them.

14. Cloudy with a Chance of InceptionHere’s one more thing that could possibly have made Inception a bit bigger: heaping piles of gigantic food.

15. The InceptionalsOne last Pixar mash-up. This is one of those trailer mash-ups that’s done so well you forget what the original movie was like. The Incredibles wasn’t a gripping action-suspense-thriller? Could’ve fooled us.

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