The 20 Worst Fatty Fails

The 20 Worst Fatty Fails

We are programmed to laugh at failure. It’s wired into all primates. Show a chimpanzee this video and I guarantee it cracks up. So what makes a fail even more ultimate? Scientific studies have shown that when a fatty fails, humor is multiplied by ten to the sixth power. I’ve researched this because half my family is fat and when they fail, it’s hilarious.

This first video isn’t of my mother, but it should be.

Wait for it … wait for it … money.

I honestly can’t decide who failed bigger here: the fatty or the band.

For most children, Disney World is a magical kingdom bursting with joy, a place where youth never ends and crazy dreams are fulfilled with tinker bell’s wand (my dreams involve her being 5 feet taller and real). Yes, Disney is truly the greatest place on Earth for everyone … except for this kid.

One of the most legendary fatty fails. You almost feel sympathy for this banshee kid when he timidly pleads, “stop it.” Actually, that’s a lie. It just makes it a more pathetic fail.

Oh no! I hope this guy’s broken arm and shattered elbow don’t stop him from becoming the next Lance Armstrong. He was almost there. And what does his buddy say when he sees his friend’s sports career end before it begins? “That hurts.” Yeah, it does.

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